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SJ’s Helle Wikstrom inspiration om wellbeing

07 June 2018

Maj var en fantastiskt månad för oss. Vi fick flera nya kunder och har nu flera tusen användaren som tävlar i Challenges och når hälsosammare liv. En av de coolaste sakerna vi genomförde var Motivational May. En föreläsningsserie med fokus på hälsa, träning och wellbeing.    Sist ut i serien…


The Benefits of Training in Groups

24 May 2018

It is no secret that we believe sports can build better teams. But if you have any doubt of the benefits of exercising in a group, we are here to convince you otherwise. These are some benefits of group training. Check them out! It is Great to Meet New People…


Folktandvården Västra Götaland Health Report

27 March 2018

Folktandvården Västra Götaland is a huge association with one mission: provide dental care to everyone in the Västra Götaland region, in West Sweden. They do that employing 3000 people in their 157 clinics; 107 general care clinics, 48 specialist dental clinics and one training clinic. Just like us, their business is to…



28 February 2018

Stockholm Multi Island Run 2018 is approaching. Last week we announced the chosen few who will compete on this year’s edition. As an extra motivation, we decided to interview Jannica Sigurdson, one of The Original 10, and see how she feels about the race and what her expectation for the…