To spice up your health initiative why not offer your employees fun and inspiring types of training. Use the rooftop terrace that’s mostly empty anyway, launch your very own run club or offer a functional group training session in the park outside your office. Everything you do will strengthen your health initiative and send the right signals in your organisation.



A lot of offices have a really nice rooftop terrace that’s only being used a few hours a week when the sun is shining. Why not use it for something healthy?

With inspiration from New York we have together with our partner launched Rooftop Training in Sweden. An inspiring group training session that takes your health initiative to new heights.



We know that a lot of our clients and participants share our passion for running. So why not start a Run Club together with a professional running coach, starting from in front of your office.

It will be talked about in your office and even something you can invite clients to. And why not start by creating a group for those that haven’t run before. Now that’s walking the walk!



Let one of our inspiring coaches take care of your employees in a functional group training session. A session that everyone can be a part of and tailored to each individual.

In the vicinity of your office we are sure there is a fantastic park that we can use to profile you as the area’s most healthy company.